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Stream of Conciousness 

Dirty Glitter

Blackcomb's peak in Whistler, Canada hosts a glacial ice cave. Once inside I was hypnotized by the endless streams of glittering dirt locked in the ice walls as far back as light would reach. I took out my flash to see more, scratching at the rock-like walls with my fingernails, realizing then the decades it took to create such a beautiful light capturing installation. Here is what I saw:

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Affable Vase

While a child might still flip lights on and off as fast as they can, shake an uneven table, or enjoy the motions of swinging back and forth on a jungle gym, adults hardly ever engage their surroundings this way. I have designed this vase to contain or embody this sort of cheerfulness.

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Running Drops

I have always been drawn to running drips, the way they look frozen in time like a modern day still-life painting. The way the bead at the bottom traces past succumb by gravity. My sculpture below is part of a cast bronze series I did exploring this.  I'm not sure how this could be incorporated into something more functional, or if it ever should be. Nevertheless, I've been more sensitive to drippy forms like this. Here are a few I've seen since:

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Portholes Throwing Light

It was choppy weather and I was standing in a long dingy room lined with 8 portholes on each side. I was on board Balclutha, a 300 square-rigged sail boat from 1886.  Standing at one end of the room I was utterly captivated watching the sun-facing portholes throw light, in a perfectly synchronized arrangement, at the 130 year old floorboards. I wondered how, if at sea in the 1800s, this room might hold the only changing landscape for months. This is a video of one of the poertholes.

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Here's an idea. Picture a lounge/bar setting with dozens of movable seats and tables. But these seats and tables are special because they are identical and totally interchangeable with one another.
I did some prototyping and the height I've used here is 24" (or what I considered to be a lower counter seat height). This is so that it can serve as a table height you'd be comfortable resting a drink at — but also as a seat height that's not too tall (to artificially lower the seat height to something more like 18" I've added a foot rail). Lastly the diameter is extra large to accommodate the functions of a table. How do you think this concept could work in practice. Potential? 

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I made this for my Mom's birthday because jewelry is a house of design I've not explored. I love the scale of jewelry and how what you have in your mind, like magic, unfolds in your hands. But I'm also thinking of giving 3D modeling a shot because Shapeways says then can now fabricate precious metal more affordably with a new printing process. 

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My First Time

This is the first chair I ever got manufactured. Before working full time at AvroKO I interned for a summer. It was then that I designed this piece. 13 months later and here it is! (googly eye's not included)  

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Stoned Designing

From tape measures to furniture; I've been seeing stone forms everywhere. Or maybe I'm more sensitive to noticing them — below is a study three college friends and I did over a weekend our senior year. We were exploring how to build "intimacy" between people and objects. You can see that this attempt was based around material intrigue, but thinking back I wonder why we unanimous agreed to use a stone form.

To me stone shapes evoke a strong, serene, and unassuming intrigue. But I also think stones are one of those cool shapes everyone has a different relationship with. Maybe that's why we've seen it applied in so many different ways and at so many different scales. Here are some stone forms I've seen since:

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Highlighter Airlines

I'm often impressed with how passenger's unwittingly fling hued shadows to the ceiling. Next time you sit down on the plane, look around. Or better yet, you be that passenger with a snazzy shirt!

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White Inbalence

There's something revealing here; something more than the white balance change. Anyway, I took these photos on my phone and this is a screenshot of my Vsco library. You can see how remarkable lighting variations can be especailly in relativity.

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Furniture Found

Though they may be molding, I've found there's a lot for us to absorb here too! Inspiration is never too far. Recently I've found myself coming across compelling forms on the neighborhood streets out in SF's foggy air. I'm drawn to the second image more... It doesn't remind me of any lounge chair I've seen before. 

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PSA: Get a Rosco Gel Sampler

I picked up a fan of 100 or so Rosco prismatic gels for free at a lighting supply store while working on a personal project. I ended up pulling them out of their key ring and found they static cling to windows and mirrors. It was a great way to look through the color effects, and I ended up leaving them there because I totally dug the way they threw light around.

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